Mark Victor Hansen Wants You to Make More Money

If I told you how many business gurus we’ve studied over the years, it would make your head spin.  But if you were to ask me which one has had the most profound impact on my life, I’d have to say Mark Victor Hansen, simply because he re-shaped our thinking so profoundly when we set out to make our last book a major success.  The result: Secrets of the Young & Successful debuted (briefly) at #3 on Amazon and right in between two Dr. Phil books on the NY Times Bestsellers List.

To this date, I’ve never been able to offer a testimonial as simple and strong as that.

So when Mark and his team contacted us about his latest project, of course we were curious.  What was it that the biggest selling author in history had to share with us?

Rip Roaring Wealth???
(My thought: Ah, I don’t know what that is, but sounds good to me!)

Turns out he’s been thinking about young entrepreneurs and ambitious people like us a lot lately.  And while having all the potential in the world is wonderful, in an economy like this, manifesting it into real money can seem close to impossible.  Mark swears that making money is more about the choices we make more than anything.  So, naturally, we said, tell us more.  Better yet, tell our members and subscribers!  And well, yesterday he did, on camera, FOR YOU!

Click here for Mark’s tips on how to make more money now.

I got to visit him yesterday at his office in Newport Beach and this video is just 24 hours old!

This man’s ability to crank out opportunities and projects, not to mention HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars in sales is enough to exhaust even the best of us.  But I have a feeling if we knew more of what he does, we could stop reading about it and start really doing it.  Accumulating wealth in this economy sounds like a pretty good plan to me.  You in?

More on what we’re doing with Mark and a few juicy exclusive opps to come…but CLICK HERE FIRST!

Here’s to your success!