Launchpad: Your Career Search Strategy Guide

Launchpad is a new career search strategy guide, which was just released on Amazon and will be published quarterly by our good friend Chris Perry. Chris is the founder of a fantastic resource blog for career development and personal branding!

Launchpad is a collection of articles by some of the top career advancement and branding experts in the industry. You’ll find great articles such as:

“Irrational Fear and Your Job Search,”

“8 Hot Tips for Today’s Executive Resume 2.0”

and a very special article titled “Many Roads Lead to Success” by Jen Kushell.

According to Chirs, “in this economy and job market, professionals are actively seeking new and creative ways to stay on top of their job search efforts or to increase their job security; however, there are so many different books, blogs and articles from so many different experts and authors for professionals and career seekers to consider.

Our goal with Launchpad is to bring together short, relevant and actionable articles and tips from the industry’s top experts into a powerful “one-stop-shop” career search and personal branding resource to save job seekers time, energy and sanity in their pursuit of their next job opportunity.

I am proud to say that this first volume does just that, covering today’s hot job search topics including: resume optimization, interviewing, personal branding, career search strategizing, relationship building, professional networking, the use of web 2.0 search tools, and much more!”

Launchpad is available now on Amazon, click here to purchase!