Keep Those Contacts!

Anyone in business will tell you that part of being successful lies in knowing the right people — and with the economy’s latest developments it might just be more important than ever. Of course, as your business grows or as you climb the corporate ladder or inch closer to your Ideal Life, you’ll meet and work with a lot of different people – some of whom you will like and others you won’t. Either way, you never know who might pop back into your life or prove useful to your career or business in the future. That’s why it’s important to keep your reputation in tact, leave things on a good note and be careful not to burn bridges.

Here are a few suggestions from Marjorie Brody, coauthor of Help! Was that a Career Limiting Move? You can read more tips and her entire article on the Princeton Review website.

1. Don’t gossip.
2. Don’t blame others.
3. Do what you say you will do.
4. Don’t embellish the truth or lie.
5. Don’t talk disparagingly about your competitors.
6. If you switch jobs, don’t bad-mouth your old employer or co-workers.
7. Keep promises and confidential information confidential
8. Don’t use vulgar language or tell racist, sexist or off-color jokes.

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