Young Idealism Leads to Success


In an inspiring article about young entrepreneurs, Kimberlee Morrison shares the success stories of a few ambitious teens that turned their dreams into a reality by starting their own business.

In this short excerpt from the article, Jen Kushell shares her advice for young people who are curious about starting a business:

“You might lose the allowance money you invested, but you’re not going to lose your house. You have the flexibility to make a lot of mistakes when you’re a child entrepreneur, which in the end makes you a better business person, says Jennifer Kushell, president of (Your Success Network) and author of the best selling book Secrets of the Young&Successful: How to Get Everything You Want Without Waiting a Lifetime.

“If you start a business when you’re an adult, you have to be a lot more strategic about what you’re doing and about what you’re putting at risk…the things you could be sacrificing,” Kushell says. She added that when you’re a kid or teenager, you’re usually the only one affected by your failure. “You can pretty much recoup anything you loose in a summer’s work.”

“Being a successful entrepreneur also means getting comfortable with failure, says Kushell. As a business person you’re bound to make mistakes, but every mistake teaches you something. It’s important to get past the fear and take the first step toward starting your business.”

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Jennifer Kushell is President & Co-Founder of – Your Success Network and Author of NY Times Bestseller Secrets of the Young and Successful.