Inspiration Comes in Many Forms

Growing up I was always amazed that my parents could get up, go to work and follow the same routine day after day. I remember telling myself there is no way I could imagine myself following their mundane routine. I suppose on one hand it brought stability and structure to their life and our family. On the other hand, they had to find some way to stay inspired day after day. My parents weren’t big TV watchers, nor did they listen to the music or read the newspaper. Recently I asked my Mom what keeps her going and her answer was fairly simple: you kids. Ok, a fair response, albeit a bit boring, but certainly understandable. I have 4 siblings, so I suppose her response was justifiable. I guess as kids we take for granted our parents responsibility to clothe us, feed us and put a roof over our heads.

Fast forward to today, and I find myself in my parents’ shoes. Coincidence, I don’t know, but it definitely feels fishy. I wake up day after day and go to the same job just like they did when I was a kid. Realizing this, I made an interesting observation about my daily routine that shed light on how I get inspired every day. I wish I had as noble intentions as my parents, but without a family to support or a mortgage to pay I am left searching for more unconventional ways to motivate myself each day.

Some people go to the gym in the morning and some read the newspaper. I find my inspiration by watching movies. I don’t watch the entire movie before work and chances are I’ve seen the movie more than 20 times. I know watching movies before work isn’t that interesting, but it’s the kind of movies that motivate me. So, here are the three movies that have been in my DVD player every morning the last month or so and a brief explanation as to why they inspire me.

#1 – Tommy Boy
Besides being one of my all time favorite movies, there is inspiration to be found in the way Tommy goes from being a screw up to being President and CEO of Callahan Auto. I like to think my career will somehow mirror that of Tommy’s. At least I hope I am that lucky.

#2 – Invincible
I know I have chronicled a lot of the challenges in working for an emerging company. This movie parallels the things I am going through in my life. Small town kid, over comes adversity to experience success on the big stage. Always puts a smile on my face and gets my adrenaline pumping.

#3 – Anchorman
What better example of workplace harmony than the TV station in San Diego where Ron Burgundy works. For those who have read my past blogs about women in the workplace will understand. For those who haven’t, read this and my choice will be infinitely more clear.

So now that I have shared my inspiration with you, I encourage you to respond and share your daily inspirations!