INSIGHT – “There’s An App For That”

You might be asking – what is it?  Do I want it?  Will it help me achieve my goals?

We’ll tell you more about the INSIGHT APP in a minute.  But first, thanks to Jen and Monique for inviting us to share our expertise and viewpoints with the YSN community.  Let us introduce ourselves.  We are Suzanne Lahl and Terri Egan, founders of Lahl & Egan Consulting.

We have been partners in our consultancy for six years. Terri is  an Associate Professor of Applied Behavioral Science at Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management.  Suzanne has been a consultant and coach for 30 years and has a Master of Science in Organization Development degree from Pepperdine University.  We have a lot of fun in our work.  Our rigorous intellects, intuitive natures and passion to make a difference energize us every day.  Here are four things we love to do:

●    Swim with dolphins and whales off the coast of Maui (Suzanne’s home base) – true!
●    Help people develop their insight
●    Apply neuroscience research (brain –mind connection)  to our coaching, education and leadership development research
●    Celebrate with our clients who rapidly become smarter than they were last month or even last week

Back to the INSIGHT APP – this app is powerful. It’s not something you download for your phone; it’s something you develop from within.  It’s about deeper understanding of situations.  It can lead to better discernment, a clearer perspective and even wisdom.  Now there’s a winner – wisdom.  Who doesn’t need more of that?

How do you cultivate your own internal INSIGHT APP? The first step is breaking out of autopilot. You know, that zone where you go from home to work without really noticing where you’ve been? Okay for some things – but most of us slip into that zone without really noticing. Check out Dr. Dan Siegel, UCLA neuroscientist and psychologist on the antidote to autopilot – mindful awareness. We like this one for starters:  “Our Power to Change.”  Note that he speaks about the power of mindfulness – the ability to focus attention on the present moment, on purpose, without judgment.

In our next blog, we will reveal one of the reception barriers for the INSIGHT APP.  Tune in to learn about CPA – continuous partial attention.  CPA is like a blackout zone.  It impacts your energy, productivity and relationships.

Until then, take care of yourself in deliberate and regenerative ways.

Suzanne Lahl, M.S.O.D. and Terri Egan, Ph.D are founders of Lahl & Egan Consulting,, providing coaching, consultation and programs for transformative impact.

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