I predict great success!

Everyday as I log onto my computer, I check the weather, check my email, and then check out my horoscope. Although I am aware the automatic response delivered by Californiapyshics.com is not tailored to me, I like reading it anyway…guilty pleasure I admit. I like to see what might be in store for me and use whatever is posted to somehow motivate me. Of course, sometimes the horoscope seems totally irrelevant, but I can usually find some way to spin it and tailor it to my own life. Often it just helps to get me thinking in the big picture and take my head out of the daily grind.

So, today my horoscope said…

“A little self-restraint can be a very effective tool for you now, for you are highly motivated. Your drive for power can successfully get you what your heart desires, but you can overdo it. Although you can likely get away with more than usual as you clearly state what you want, your directness might scare others away. People will jump in to help you as long as you are gentle in your approach and acknowledge their role in your success”

Right before reading this, I arranged an upcoming meeting with a MAJOR executive in a sports company I might one day like to work for…(starts with E and ends with SPN). Obviously I am very anxious and excited about the meeting, but I am using this horoscope to remind me that it’s important to “acknowledge (one’s) role in your success”.

When meeting people who can influence your life, help you network, or simply offer advice, it’s important to understand that each interaction is an opportunity to shine. You can be direct in what you want, but make sure to recognize the best time and place to ask for it. Networking is about relationships, and the best relationships are when both parties benefit. In other words, don’t say “Nice to meet you, can I have a job”. Think of ways to showcase your success in relevant ways, and prove why this person should help you out. Help them, help you. If you can do this, I predict you will have great success!