I’m Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired!

These are the December days I enjoy most: clear, blue skies, a crisp, cool breeze and bright sunshine. Unfortunately, I’ve been cooped up inside my apartment for the past three days sick as a dog. (And when I say “sick,” I mean burning fevers, violent chills and other bodily disorders that have nothing to do with coughing or sneezing.).

One of the unfortunate realities of being human is getting sick. And one of the unfortunate realities of being an adult is having work and responsibilities to take care of despite the flu. So here I am working in my bed, propped up by pillows, laptop actually on my lap for once, and surrounded by empty water bottles, fast food cartons and Motrin. It’s disgusting, really.

But I must say I’m surprised at my own productivity at this time. Thanks to my laptop, WiFi and cellphone, my bedroom/hospice has become my office. I can control the noise volumes, which helps my headaches; I don’t have to drive anywhere or look presentable for anyone, which saves my energy; and I can take a nap when my body demands it, which just refreshes me for the next work-related task.

Hmm… maybe being sick isn’t all that bad?