Expand Your Horizons: How to “Zoom”

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I’ve recently been fascinated with the author Seth Godin and his approach to innovative marketing. I was reading his book “Small is the New Big” the other day in Barnes and Nobles and I came across an interesting short story.

It was about a phrase he called “zooming”. Seth talked about how change was a necessary evil for survival, but some people are very uncomfortable with change. So he introduced zooming, which means stretching your limits constantly allowing for constant change while still keeping your main foundation.

The simple steps he outlined on how to personally zoom were amazing and I had to write a post about them because everyone should try all of these steps to see the impact on there lives.

1. For dinner try a food you’ve never tasted before. Then try another one tomorrow night.

2. On your way home from work tomorrow, listen to a CD from a musical genre that you hate, or that you never listened to before.

3. Every week read a magazine that you’ve never read before.

4. Every week meet with someone from outside your area of expertise. Go to a trade show on a topic in which you have no interest or prior knowledge in whatsoever.

5. Change the layout of your office.

6. Do something you have never done before.