How to Host a Rockstar Event!

Hosting an event is a fantastic way to strategically bring people together, make new contacts, and generate buzz for your company. But there are many secrets to success when it comes to hosting a great event, so we turned to our friends at Fresh Events Company for their insights. Here are 5 important things to think about in planning your next (or first) event:

1) Venue – This is often the biggest cost for an event. You want a space that offers easy access for the attendees when it comes to parking, the property itself and service. For corporate events, the Westin Pasadena and the Langham in Pasadena are two of our favorites. For weddings one of our favorites is the Huntington Library, located in San Marino, recently opened their facilities for weddings and are very exclusive, offering you access to the entire property. If you have an event coming up, contact us and we can introduce to you some fantastic venues.

2) Consider your guests – If you are planning to host an event in September in Los Angeles, please keep in mind at this time of the year the weather is still quite warm. Look for a venue that offers indoor meeting spaces combined with a nice outdoor courtyard for a cocktail hour later on in the evening.

3) First impression – The first impression can set the tone of your event. At one of our events, the attendees were greeted with champagne and our staff presented them with a floral as soon as they stepped foot onto the red carpet. They instantly had a smiles on their faces, ready to enjoy the event.

4) Step and Repeat – The standard step and repeat with company logos are great, but can be even better with a little bit of creativity! For example, you can use hedges as background and hang framed logos rather than the usual logo printed on a white background. It also serves as an interesting art piece and attendees are more likely to take a second look because it is so unique.

5) Food – The way your food is presented can reflect the overall ambiance of your event. At one of our events, an appetizer was delightfully presented to the guests on an artistic silver spoon. We heard a lot of “Ooohs! and Ahhhs!”.

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