How to Handle an Unhappy Work Environment

A lot happens at the workplace – projects, promotions, million-dollar deals, terminations – and there are a lot of different personalities to deal with. Instead of let the tough times drag you down, here are a few tips to help you keep on smiling and make you feel as though you have some control over the situation.

  1. When something bad happens at work, instead of worrying or complaining, try to find out what went wrong and what you can do to prevent it from happening again.
  2. Instead of responding/reacting immediately, take extra time (even if it’s just a minute or two) to evaluate the issue/problem/situation before speaking.
  3. If other coworkers are having problems, try your best to tune them out and not become involved in their situation. The last place you want to be is caught in the middle of an argument between two coworkers.
  4. If you are a manager and it seems like several people are disgruntled, consider addressing the problems face-to-face. Set up a formal meeting to hash out issues constructively, or invite each team member to have a one-on-one conversation with you.
  5. Explore other opportunities. Maybe you feel “stuck” at your job, know there’s no room for growth or are unhappy with the company, your boss or coworkers. Even if you don’t go on interviews, sometimes just knowing you have options makes it easier to go to work every day. And who knows? Maybe your research will make you appreciate your current job more.