How to Discover What Makes You Happy

So what makes you happy? If you do not know, how can you find what it is that makes you happy? Well, first you must find time to introduce you to you. Yes, I am serious, you must re-introduce yourself to yourself.

About four years ago, I had to do just that. I had spent my entire 24 previous years not knowing who I really was. It was at that time I decided that I needed to find out what made me happy. Prior to finding who I really was, my life was a mess. It seemed that every relationship, whether short or long, had always fallen apart; every job I had was just that, a job; and nothing that I did had purpose or meaning. I was just here; living, breathing, and that was it.

That was until I met my current girlfriend, who I am now madly in love with, and living with. She was the reason that I decided to find myself. I was not about to lose this girl due to my own ignorance of myself. If I did not know myself, I could not be happy with myself. Therefore, if I was not happy with myself, how could I be happy with anyone else. The best thing to ever happen to me is that I realized this and decided to make a change.

Over the next several years, a major change had happened in my life. I had renewed my faith in God, I had developed a relationship with my girlfriend that was stronger than I could ever imagine; I had went back to school and earned my degree; I had landed a wonderful career position that also has helped build confidence in my abilities; and I had found out how to nuture the one thing that has always made me happy, Writing! All of this has happened so quickly because I had introduced myself to me. I had found myself and what makes me happy. Since I had found what it is that makes me happy, and learned who I really am, I have overcome many negative feelings from past experiences, self doubt, among so many other things in my life, and only in a span of three years time. In a year and a half after nurturing my love for writing, I have self published a poetry book titled “Stepping Stones.”. In only four years, I have completely redeveloped who I am. All of this because I took time to find out who I really am and what makes me happy.

This is not an impossible task for you to accomplish just the same as I have. All it takes is a life changing decision to spend time with yourself and find out what it is that you enjoy the most in life. I have always loved water. Whether it is the beach, a lake, a stream, or a water fountain, I have always felt a wonderful peacefulness when around water. I knew this would help me find myself, so each day after work, I would go to the lake in my hometown and I would meditate on the things that make me happy; the dreams that I have for the future; and what it would take to make those dreams come true.

After about a month of this time alone, introducing myself to me, I had noticed a change start to happen. A change that triggered a re-development process within myself. I started to not only write down goals, but accomplish them as well. I started finding doors of opportunity that I had not noticed in the past. I started building a relationship that had a strong foundation because my love for myself allowed me to fully love my girlfriend. These changes, as miraculous as they sound, were made because I finally took the time to find out what makes me happy, and you can do the same.

So make a commitment to yourself to introduce you to you, and to find out what makes you happy.