How NOT to Blow an Opportunity to Meet Someone Great

  1. When you want to meet important people, the more times you can casually meet them, get introduced, or just shake their hand, the more likely they are to remember you next time. You should also do your research on them before any potential encounter. That gives you great options for starting conversations.|
  2. Get to events like this early. Save being fashionably late for another time. Every minute counts when it comes time to striking up a conversation with someone who’s tough to get to. If you find them in a social setting, find a way to get in there to talk. Just don’t be too obvious. Remember, it’s a lot easier to get a little quality time when big wigs are alone, or in a small group. Waiting until after an event, when everyone knows who they are, is the worst time to meet someone.
  3. Call ahead to get a complete run down of the schedule of events. If you know someone who is organizing a big event, get the inside scoop from them and let them know your objective. Often you’ll find yourself with invitations to things you never knew existed. And if you’re not directly invited, ask how you can attend any pre-event functions. They usually provide the best opportunities to meet great people.
  4. Since personal introductions are the best way to meet people, keep an eye out for people you already know, and who may know the person you want to meet. If they like you enough, they’ll usually find a way to introduce you if you ask. (And the more they like you, the better the introduction will be!)
  5. The people who accompany honorees are usually a little restless as they are not the center of attention and thus are often left alone for bouts of time. They also usually don’t know many people and sometimes can even be board or uncomfortable. Find something out about them and get talking. If you hit it off, you’ll eventually meet the person they’re with. And who better to introduce you?