How Fashionistas Dress for an Interview

Clearly we don’t all have big shopping budgets or our ideal wardrobes standing ready, stocked with everything we need for our big events and meetings.

But, when interviewing for a new job or meeting a new client, first impressions are pretty critical.

Now, the best way to dress for anything is always subjective.  But, if you’re heading into a professional office environment, especially in a big metropolitan city, you can’t go wrong with these ideas.


What we liked most about this slideshow was that it took expensive looks and paired them with really accessible pieces that almost anyone can could afford.  And if a $75 sweater is still too heavy a price, there are tons of others to be found just like it for a fraction of the price in stores like H&M.

Sometimes, all you need is just a little inspiration.  It never hurts to raise the bar on how you present yourself either.  Go a little further.  Look a little better, more polished, pulled together.  The investment really does pay off.