High-tech at a Low Cost for Nonprofits

Just because you’re a nonprofit (or work or volunteer for one) doesn’t mean you have to give up hope of working in a high tech, media rich environment. Getting your hands on the latest technology, everything from computers and phones to specialized equipment, can cost a pretty penny. However, there are still ways for your non-profit to shine as brightly as that snazzy dotcom startup on the penthouse floor.

TechSoup.org is a great resource that offers technologically challenged nonprofits a one-stop destination for free information, resources and support. You can ask tech questions online, read how-to articles and product reviews, and gain access to discounted or even donated tech products that have been generously provided by corporate and nonprofit tech partners of the web site.

Don’t work for a nonprofit but want to help anyway? TechSoup makes it easy for anyone to do their part in helping those nonprofits who work hard to make a difference in our world. Anyone can make a difference by donating extra, unused or outdated hardware or volunteering time to help others with their tech questions at techsoup.org