Hands-free or Not at all!

Hands Free DeviceToday is July 1st and if you live in California you will be subject to using a hands free device for your cell phone while driving. Those seen holding their phone to their head or texting will be pulled over and ticketed. In addition, if you are under the age of 18 you are prohibited from using a cell phone at all. The base fine for the first offense is $20 and $50 for subsequent convictions.

I personally have not invested in one of these devices. I don’t know if I am just procrastinating or if I believe I will actually refrain from using my phone while driving. I didn’t really notice anyone holding their phones to their heads this morning on my way to work, but it’s always more common for people to talk on their cell in the afternoon/evening.

In a typical commute from work I will usually see about 3 out of every 5 people holding their phones up to their ear while driving. So for all you professional multi-taskers out there, don’t risk taking the call without a hands free device. After all, you don’t want your name to go down in history as one of the first rule breakers who was driving with their phone to their ear!

I am curious how many of you have taken this new law to heart and purchased a hands-free device? How many people have made the decision to not use your phone while driving? I know that in our non-stop busy lives, sometimes talking on the phone while in route is the best time to get those calls made!