Go Girls Go!


When advertisers play into old stereotypes it drives me nuts!

Some of the most common that bother me are all the ads that forget dads are an active part of the parenting equation or any that make the world out to be one thing for boys and another for girls.

I’ve been a fan of companies like littleBits and Goldie Blox that are trying to introduce the excitement of engineering to kids without playing into those stereotypes.

This morning I watched the new advertisement from one of them and instantly had to share it here.

As a father of a young woman, it made me smile and I’m sure you will as well. (Plus, I’m a child of the 80’s so I loved the soundtrack!)

Our world is full of awesome these days because a young boy or girl anywhere in the world can grow up to be what they want.

We are working hard to make this a reality through GO, and with videos like this being shown to them, more and more kids will think about careers in a wide variety of industries that they might never have thought about in the past.

Advertisers, work harder to create more inspiring work like this! The youth of the world deserve it.