Global Savvy… Young Americans Are Not

(The following is an excerpt from Jennifer Kushell’s post on The Huffington Post)

As I sit on my final plane ride of an almost 30 hour trek back to Los Angeles from Singapore, I can’t help but worry about the future of America.

Sure, I watched the debates. Watched the House vote to try to bail our country out of pending financial ruin. Watched TV anchors risk whiplash as stock market plunged and surged. Watched the most prestigious institutions drop suddenly like flies. And I won’t even get into what it was like to watch tourists taking photos of themselves in front of Lehman Brothers last week when I was in NYC.


Amidst all of this chaos, deep in my heart I believe the American spirit will prevail. What scared me most this week in East Asia though, was literally being surrounded by the global emerging workforce — graduating students from dozens of countries around the world… and wondering if the spirit of our young people is strong enough to keep us globally competitive into the future. After all the dust settles, will they really be ready to lead?

The government and corporate world aren’t the only ones in the US who need to clean up their acts and step up their games… click here for the full article