Give Yourself Something to Look Forward To

From time to time, we all go through stages in life where we sit back and wonder: What it is all for? What is the larger picture? What is the meaning of our lives here on earth?

Sometimes we go through day after day of the same routine. For many of us, it is waking up to go to work, then coming home late in the evening, only to return to work the next morning. After months of the same routine, we all get to a point where it is no longer exciting to wake up in the morning. It seems harder and harder to climb out of bed. It is during these times that we think of the months to come, with the agony of no changes in the near future. This is why I have made it a point to give myself Something To Look Forward To.

My girlfriend and I have found that we are traveling spirits. Whether we schedule week-long trips or weekend getaways, we have found that our enjoyment in life is exploring the world in which we live. Beyond the adventure itself, I have also found that a schedule of events and getaways can work wonders on the way I look at life. When I think of the months ahead and I have at least one getaway scheduled, it gives me a whole new breath of fresh air just knowing that I have a few days to myself coming up.

If you can always have at least one day to look forward to, you will constantly have something to keep you going during those tough stretches of routine days. This practice alone will give your life just enough balance. If you are not able to schedule week-long vacations or weekend getaways, you can schedule a day trip. Anything that gets you away from your worries and pressures can be just enough to put a new bounce into your step.

Be sure to schedule enough of these days throughout the year so you always have a trip ahead to keep you going. This will also give you more time to think you more time to think productively and optimistically rather than thinking negatively as you do when you get stuck in that same routine.

But, always remember: Never let someone else dictate your enthusiasm, your belief in yourself, and your will to succeed in whatever it is you choose to do.

Chad A. Armel is the author of the book “Stepping Stones,” a collection of motivational and inspirational poems. Chad is also the founder/editor of, a website dedicated to motivating visitors to make a change in their lives.