Get Mentored by Mark Victor Hansen!

If you’re an author, entrepreneur, organization leader, inventor or seriously ambitious individual looking to achieve success beyond most people’s dreams, do we have the perfect mentor for you!

Mark Victor Hansen has a success story like few others.  As the co-founder of the Chicken Soup for the Soul publishing empire, he’s not only the biggest selling non-fiction writer in history, but he’s built a slew of successful companies as well.  And if all that wasn’t enough to keep him busy, Mark has also helped thousands of others learn from his experiences through special programs, workshops and speaking.  If you’ve ever seen him present live, you know how compelling he can be.  You also would know he’s not easy to get alone for advice, since he’s always surrounded by fans!

Getting one-on-one time with Mark is a rare opportunity, but he’s offering his time, attention and guidance to mentor one of you!

All you have to do is tell us why you think Mark’s should mentor you below in the comments and he’ll pick one person who’s ideas, interest, story or passion is most compelling to him.  So scroll down and start writing! If you have questions, click here for more details.

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Then be sure to come back here and tell him why you think his advice could make the biggest difference for you and your success! (IN THE COMMENTS SECTION.)

In the meantime, here’s to yours!


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