From Kansas to California – Technology Saves the Day!

It’s a real sign of the times when people are creating blogs to stay up to date with friends and family. I recently received an email from my sister-in-law informing us all of their new family blog. It’s so great to be able to bookmark a link that takes me to pictures and very entertaining stories about my brother’s little family. Of course it makes it all that much more exciting when there is a 14 month involved who says and does silly and cute things everyday!

My FamilyThey live in Kansas and I am out here in California so having the convenience to point and click into the latest new word or favorite new toy of my niece is just spectacular. If it wasn’t for video and picture messaging, blogs, web cams and Web 2.0, I just might have to move back to Kansas!! Luckily for me, technology is keeping up with the needs of those of us who can’t be in the presence of their loved ones each day or even each month. I do a pretty good job of seeing my family and friends back home about every 2 ½ to 3 months, but I live for those little updates whether it via text, email or on a blog. I have even got my mom and dad (in their 50’s) texting. They may not always be as quick and occasionally mom will respond a day late; but that doesn’t change the smile it puts on my face keeping those little connections between us throughout the week.

I have a feeling my mom sees this technology as bittersweet. On one hand she can see her daughter in CA and her granddaughter in Kansas City with a click of a mouse. On the other hand, she knows with technology advancing as much as it is, I will have plenty of quasi-real-life-resources to stay in touch with her and the rest of my family/friends – making it easier for me to reside in California longer!!

I’ll admit, I am looking forward to the day when I can see my family live on their cell phone while they see me live on mine and we happily catch up about the day’s events!