Finding that silver lining…

We’ve all endured being at work on a day when we would’ve rather called in sick and, unfortunately, today feels like one of those days. Granted, it’s Friday and a beautiful day outside (and I’m inside at work) but it seems as though my luck ran out today. Admittedly, I’m at fault for many of the “challenges” my sanity has faced this morning, but seriously, when it rains, it pours!

But, since I can’t crawl back into bed or hit happy hour in the middle of a workday, I just have to admit defeat, accept this bad day and try to make the most of it so I don’t take it out on my coworkers. So, in the spirit of trying to be an older, wiser, more mature being who finds the silver lining in every cloud, here are all the lessons I am oh-so grateful for learning before noon:

  • Do not put Styrofoam cups in the microwave. Forget about the environmental and health hazards of doing this in the first place — if you do, the contents of the cup will leak EVERYWHERE and you will have to clean it up. Thirty seconds might be okay but two minutes equals disaster.
  • When parking on a slight incline, curb your tires. If you don’t in the city of Manhattan Beach, California, you will get a $35 ticket. Repeat after me: up, up and away… down, down and towards…
  • Do not park in a red zone, even the slightest bit in a red zone when you think you might be safe. If you do in the city of Manhattan Beach, California, you will get a $35 ticket. (That’s $70 in parking violations, people… issued at the same time!)
  • People on bicycles view pedestrians the same way people in cars view bicyclists: IN THE WAY. And they will let you know it… loudly, thus creating a scene during an otherwise idyllic morning jog at the beach and scaring the bejezzus out of you.
  • Even on a bad day, your office can act as a safe house if you follow these rules: be focused on every e-mail, document, project or meeting; the more productive you are, the faster time will pass; think before you speak; SMILE ‘til it hurts; don’t step on anyone’s toes; and pray that it’s not time for your annual review.