Find Out What Time and How Much

Here are two secret weapons that will make your international dealings much smoother, especially where time and money are concerned!

Have you ever tried to coordinate a conference call with people in two or more time zones, or made a call only to realize that you were reaching out to say “bonjour” in the middle of the night? This very simple but incredibly useful site has helped us time and time again to successfully coordinate calls and meetings with people in multiple countries and time zones. Time ZonesSometimes it’s hard enough keeping Pacific Standard Time (PST) straight with Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). But what if daylight savings is in effect? And what’s the difference between UTC or GMT time? shows you where any major city is by pointing it out for you on a map. It also tells you in real time, the time of day and day of the week (don’t forget the international date line!) and provides international dialing codes and more.

Even if you officially swore off number crunching after that ego-crippling statistics class in college, The Foreign Exchange Currency Converter makes the complicated world of international currency as simple as dollars and cents, pounds and pence.

This multi-lingual converter couldn’t be easier to use, either. With a few clicks you can instantly figure out how much a U.S. ten spot is worth in 164 different currencies. (If you’re curious, ten bucks is worth 6.68 Euros, 5.22 British Pounds and 80.66 Seychelles Rupees.)

In the immortal words of all those late night infomercials… “But wait, there’s more!” FXConverter also gives you historical rates, bid/ask prices and can even display the results in different languages. With this tool you’ll make any cents make sense.