Fast Track Tip #7 Make Decisions Strategically

While many take the road of least resistance or live by default, being proactive with your critical career and life choices really pays off.   In most cases there are about 10 critical decisions you’ll make in your lifetime that set the foundation for what’s to come – your success, happiness, even income and opportunities.  Make them thoughtfully and you can set yourself up from the very beginning.

In this volatile economy, with so many of us in a state of transition or flux, anything we can do to give ourselves an extra edge can make all the difference.  Instead of just focusing on survival, think in terms of fast tracking to the next stage or level.  Over the next few weeks we’ll share our 10 tips that can help not only secure your current position (assuming you have one you’re happy with) but open up new possibilities every where you go. Stay tuned!

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