Educational & Bulk Sales

Engage your students, colleagues or members in the power of possibilities and the taste of success

If you have a group, class, organization or team that might benefit from our tools and products, we’re eager to help you knock their socks off!

YSN is proud to offer a proprietary suite of educational, engaging and compelling resources that you can be proud to share with those who’s success you’re most vested in.

These tools are so rich in content that you can even create an event, workshop, class or an entire curriculum around them.  We can even come out and deliver it for you, anywhere in the world.  In select cases, we can work with you to specially tailor our career and professional development content for your exact audience. We also have plenty of experience in packaging compelling content in a wide range of media formats.  Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working with bootstrapped community organizations to some of the biggest global companies.  Being in the (unofficial) business of impact, every opportunity is special to us.

So let’s get creative and play!  Or, take what we have to offer right off the shelf and be up and running in days.  But the easiest way to quickly deliver something powerful to a group is to purchase or license our premium products in bulk.  We’ll happily work with you to determine the very best solutions once we understand your audience, objectives and parameters.

Just let us know how we can help at: