eBay, Desperation, Fear and Excitement: How I “Fell” Into Business

It’s kind of funny how I fell into the whole business mindset because growing up I was never like this. In high school I was a graffiti artist and an underground hip hop DJ. Although I’ve always had some entrepreneurial spirit in me (I used to design and sell hats, t-shirts, girls’ skirts, backpacks, canvases and shoes), I never wanted to learn about traditional business principals.

However this all changed after my first year of college. I entered Cal Poly with $3,000 that I had saved from working at Trader Joes. This money was supposed to last all year for my personal expenditures, but by being away from home and on my own, I didn’t manage my money very well. Instead, I spent the entire $3,000 within the first month, mostly on eBay, other internet shopping sites and food. I loved to eat at the nice places I couldn’t really afford.

I couldn’t believe how fast I spent all my money. I was shocked to look at my bank account after 30 days and found that I had actually over-drafted $200! There was no way I could tell my parents about this – I needed to make my money back in some creative kind of way. I contemplated getting a job but there was no way I could work with my school schedule. I knew there had to be an easier alternative – there just had to be.

I ended up starting up a business at the very place I spend most of my money: eBay. I remembered a few friends who had started an eBay business so I knew I could do it too if I really wanted to. So I started buying things in bulk, like clothes and electronics, and sold them individually. I began to learn how to grow and expand my business, and the rest is history.

Out of desperation, I found myself in the business world. In a weird twist of fate, eBay – the place where I spent all of my money – became the place that launched my business career, which I am very passionate about now. So, thank you, eBay, for forcing me into business and showing off my potential in this exciting career path I have chosen!