Do Grades Matter?

My son started high school this year and is going through the typical culture shock of more homework, tougher classes and dealing with grades.

As a parent, I’ve often wondered if my kids would go to college. Sure, I’d like to see them experience it, and depending on what career they choose to pursue, a college education might be required. But, I also firmly believe that the world we live in today empowers youth to skip college if they want to and dive right into their careers.

Plus, all it takes is one look at current tuition costs and you realize even a little bit of those funds would be quite a lot of seed money for any type of business a child might want to start.

Yes, I know that where you go to college matters in some fields. I also know that to get into those colleges your grades are extremely important. But, I’m talking about the rest of us. Those who might want to blaze their own trails or enter careers where it isn’t about where you went to school at all.

Really stop and think about this for a minute. How would you honestly justify the importance of getting a good grade in history class? Sure, it is important that everyone learn about where they came from and events that have shaped the world around us. Yet, what does a good or bad grade in that class ultimately mean?

I want my children to get good grades so they graduate from high school, and then pursue any path they desire. But once you get into college those grades no longer mean anything, so do they really matter now?

What do you think about this? How do you justify to an ambitious youth that this is how the game is played, and they have to play it while encouraging them to break free and chase their dreams?

These are the challenges facing parents and kids around the globe and I don’t have the answers yet but I am actively seeking them.