Direct From Jen: Summer’s Here!

summer-vacationSummer’s here!  Oh yes, this is the time we’ve all been waiting for!  The sun, the fun, the time off….or NOT!  Like many of you, this summer is going to require a lot of work for us, but I’m determined to enjoy the season nonetheless.  One trend I hope to jump on soon is this health and wellness kick so many around me seem to be on. They say it has something to do with maintaining control over what they can in these volatile times. Nice idea for sure.  Why not look great while you’re battling the economic elements? I’m also loving this idea of “staycations” – time off where you vacation at home. Living in Los Angeles, that’s a totally under-leveraged concept if you ask me anyway. Plus, I travel way too much anyway to want to get on another plane without a really good reason.

In the meantime, I keep thinking that this is probably a great time to re-assess where we all are in our lives and our work. How is everything going?  Trending? Are we on the right path? Are we doing everything we can to make the months and year ahead as stable and successful as possible? Just think, if you’ve been meaning to explore some new options or ideas, isn’t this the optimal opportunity? While the world starts to slow down, hopefully we’re all taking this chance to look at ourselves a bit more closely. If you need a little help or a kick in the right direction, don’t forget to check out our new Career Planner. But regardless, don’t daze off completely this summer. I’m sure we could all use a break, but if anything is going on with you that needs to be addressed, fixed or improved – from health, to emotional well being, to your social life, charitable work, your job, your future planning – think of this as a summer of opportunity.

Here’s to your success!

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