Crisis Management: What You Had to Say!

This past week I wrote an article filled with tips on Coping with Crisis. You don’t have to admit it, but I know, we’ve all been there! Some, unfortunately, are living with it day in and day out lately. Since I shared mine, I wanted to get some thoughts of yours. So we asked around on Twitter and Facebook and here’s what others had to say about getting though the rough patches!

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Brian Moran
Remain Calm and Carry On. It’s on a board that hangs in our kitchen.

Nick Bishop
Tylenol case is still the best 20 years on – Dominoes last year did well – Toyota recent awful.

Jolina Cuaresma
Believe in yourself. One of the hardest things I’ve had to struggle with in BigLaw is maintaining resilience in the face of different forms of defeat.

Nate Tilton
As a boss, what you do after losing your job is more telling about your character that what you did while working.

Bradley Dugdale Jr.
Stay in the moment……the mind tends to extrapolate the worst outcome. That rarely happens. Focus on what you can control and pursue those activities… will feel better

Brad Miskell

And from my beloved uncle who has “been there and done that” more than you can imagine in his life!:
A few prayers wouldn’t hurt. Neither would a strong workout but you really hit the key ones and oh yes never quit trying. There are always many different ways to tackle a problem and this is where your brainstorming enters. There are many different ways of reaching the number 5. List them all and you would be surprised how many new pathways that you previously hadn’t thought of now appear. When you think you’ve run out of ideas take a break and turn your mind off and then come back and try to look at the problem differently. If that doesn’t work then smoke a Joint—. Love ya.

Robert E. Kushell

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed. You can still add your two cents in the comments below. Or stay tuned for our next big question of the week in our 30 day series on fast tracking your success!

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