Create Your Own Networking Event!

So little time yet so many people to see? We have a great trick that’s helped us reconnect with our peeps on a few occasions when we’ve had more people to see than time to schedule all the lunches, dinners, drinks and quick coffees it would take. How, you ask? It’s so easy, it’s a shame even we don’t do this more often.

Whenever we’re in a new city, we try to schedule a casual little get together at a nice local bar or hotel lounge where we can take over an area. This allows a bunch of people to float in and out over a few hours when it’s most convenient for them, and we get the chance to catch up with everyone we want to see. The bonus is that it also creates a networking opportunity for our friends, and you know how we love those!

All it takes is a witty email or Evite to all your guests letting them know that you:
a) miss them and thought it would be cool to get a few of your favorite people together;
b) have been slammed and thought they might appreciate a great chance to steel away for a quick catch up, too, and;
c) are only going to be in their town for a day or two and couldn’t bare to miss seeing them.

Be sure to provide all the pertinent info (day, time range, place, info on food and drinks), and let them know that you’re inviting a few other friends, colleagues, or whoever, and that they might really enjoy one another.

By gathering people in this way, everyone gets to order their own drinks and appetizers so you don’t get stuck with a huge (or the whole) bill. Letting everyone do their own thing also takes the pressure off of you to organize every detail, allows people to come and go without throwing off the flow, and even encourages people to mingle in their own little subgroups. And after all is said and done, your friends will get to make some new friends, and you’ll get to finally see everyone you’ve been wanting to!