Contribute to YSN

Creating great content is a passion of ours. We’ve dedicated years to publishing the hundreds of pages you find here. But many of you are creating some fabulous material too, and we’d love to help you get it out to the world. Join our list of contributors and share your experience and expertise with students, young professionals and seasoned pros who are hungry to learn more about how to take their lives, careers, businesses, and giving back to the next level.

We especially love tips, personal stories, young & successful profiles, even great speeches that we can excerpt. We’re also excited about adding video to our media mix now too. Just tell us what you’re thinking! All content is now being segmented to better reach the right segments of our audience too. In exchange for your contribution of great content we’ll provide you proper attribution and with links.

The catch is, we’re real sticklers about what we publish. We take this relationship we have with our audience very seriously. While YSN is a great platform to build your expertise, credibility, reach and professional brand, just know our standards are high. We cannot accept content from everyone, only a carefully screened few, but get in touch or send us anything you’re thinking about and let’s talk. We never know where great stuff may come from, so we’re always open!

YSN content standards:
1. All articles or posts need to be well written, easy to understand and grammatically correct
2. The source (you or your organization) need to be solid and reputable
3. The information needs to be interesting and useful
4. You must own the rights to the content you share, or be authorized to do so
5. These are not advertisements for you or your business. Hard sales content will be immediately rejected.
6. All submissions must be submitted in digital form.

Thank you! We look forward to hopefully working with you! Contact us at for more information.