Caution: Men at Work!

Okay, so this isn’t a typical  Monday MANday posting but in honor of Halloween next week (and in absence of having a dude around to write this week) we thought we’d introduce you to a worthy cause and BIG business idea created by men for women. We discovered Men of Mortuaries last year and spoke to its founder, Ken McKenzie. We are thrilled to see they’re doing it again this year! 

Zombies, ghosts and other creatures lurking around the cemetery BEWARE — the big, muscled Men of Mortuaries are out there patrolling the graveyards with their shirts off. Oh, did we mention they’re selling calendars and t-shirts for charity too?

For just $15, you can greet each month in 2008 with the cuties behind the coffins. Ken McKenzie, owner of McKenzie Mortuary in Long Beach, California, came up with the brilliant, (needless-to-say) one-of-a-kind 2008 Men of Mortuaries calendar as a way to raise funds for women with breast cancer. His sister’s struggle and recovery from it inspired him to create the nonprofit foundation KAMM Cares.

He had seen calendars with firemen or policemen gracing the covers and figured there had to be at least 12 good-looking, fit, young men working in funeral homes throughout the country. So last year, he created an ad, offered the winners $1,000 and a free trip to California, and the rest is history. He admits that most applicants weren’t exactly to die for (pun intended), but the chosen 12 all share Ken’s desire to change the perception that funeral directors and morticians are creepy, “movie character”-type villains who work in death. They’re normal, sometimes even sexy men who are just as deserving of being on your wall as a man in uniform!

Oh, and if a calendar’s not your thing but you still want to help out a great cause, you can also buy a Men of Mortuaries t-shirt for just $20.