Launches Online Reputation Management Platform for Professionals

brand-yourselfThink about the last time you Googled someone. As young professionals, we grew up with the web and have all kinds of content out there about us. High school track scores, Facebook wall posts, blog comments, etc. – these digital breadcrumbs make up an online image that can work for or against us. Luckily, there is a new tool to help you make sure your online image works for you and helps advance your career.

This tool is called, and it’s the first online reputation management platform for young professionals of its kind. My team and I have been slaving away at the office to get it into your hands this week, and in honor of your loyalty to YSN, we’re giving away 50 full access, premium accounts.

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And who is our system for? Everybody! Job applicants, consultants, small business owners, entrepreneurs, actors, professional service providers, authors – anybody who wants to control how they are perceived online.

After countless hours working closely with readers like you, top HR folks and personal branding experts, we’ve created a process that makes it easy to manage your reputation. We walk you through our four-step process with automated tools along the way. Not only does it work, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun!

You will proactively:

  • Build on-brand content that aligns with your career goals
  • Optimize that content to show up at the top of Google
  • Promote yourself in the right places using social media
  • Monitor your progress along the way


Step One: Build

In the Build section, we help you create the content you want people to associate with your name. We help you pinpoint your core strengths and build high-ranking web pages and profiles that demonstrate them.


Example Tool: Google Results Organizer

Throughout the process we’ve built some cool tools. Our Google Results Organizer is a fun way to discover how people perceive you when they Google you. You identify which results are about you and which are not by clicking and dragging results into appropriate columns. Our search engine optimization tools in the next section will then help you raise relevant results up above negative or irrelevant results.

Step Two: Optimize

Creating favorable content is not enough. The optimize section empowers you to choose which content shows up at the top of Google over negative content, irrelevant content and other peoples’ results.


Step Three: Promote

Being found when people are searching for you is an excellent reactive approach. In the Promote section, we help you proactively promote your content to the right people in the right places. We help you do this via social media by serving you daily recommendations of what to do next, and who to connect with to build your brand’s network.


Step Four: Monitor

Growing your reputation is an ongoing process. In the Monitor section, we make it easy to monitor your progress along the way by tracking changes in Google results and mentions of your name across the social web.


Over the past few months we’ve literally lived at the office, building the platform you can now try for free today. We’ve built something we are proud of, and we can’t wait to share it with you – and hear what you think.

For the first ten people who comment with feedback on the system, I’ll email you extra-extended free trial promo codes!

So poke around! Let us know what you like and what you’d change. Meanwhile, RJ Sherman (our Chief Technology Officer) can finally step away from his triple computer monitors and get some fresh air.

Sign Up for a Free Trial and We’ll Donate $0.25 to I’m Too Young For Cancer

During our official launch this week, when you sign up for a free trial, we’ll donate $0.25 to the I’m Too Young For Cancer Foundation, which ensures that every young adult affected by cancer is given access to the best support possible. The foundation strives to be a national leader in cancer advocacy, support and research, working exclusively on behalf of adolescents and young adults affected by cancer. With your support, they will continue providing hope, education and community to millions of survivors around the world.

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