Book Review: Tipping the Odds for the Entrepreneur

Fewer than half of new businesses last five years. It’s a brutal fact to point out, but sadly it’s true. Also, of those that do last several years, many muddle along struggling to stay profitable.  BUT, by no means should this discourage you from following your dreams! Here’s a great book we found that dives deep into what separates the high performing small business entrepreneurs from the many who find long-term success elusive.

After more than 25 years of studying entrepreneurs, as well as running business units and his own companies, Kevin Maki has identified key concepts about success that consistently separate the top performers from the rest of the pack.  In Tipping the Odds for the Entrepreneur, these big ideas are described and illustrated with many stories from his own businesses, as well as profiles of small business owners who have each run their companies in a manner consistent with the recommendations in the book.

In Tipping the Odds for the Entrepreneur, you will learn:

•    The two factors most closely associated with profitability in all industries studied.
•    How to reward and motivate the top performers who drive results and productivity.
•    Marketing and sales techniques used by the most profitable small business owners.
•    How to avoid the most common mistakes associated with business failure.
•    The five elements that drive customer purchase decisions.
•    Techniques for leveraging employee strengths while managing around weaknesses.
•    How to use 80/20 analysis to improve decisions about business strategy.
•    The two main methods for achieving sustainable competitive advantage.
•    How entrepreneurs who sold family businesses to Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway were able to achieve strong profits and growth over decades of operation.

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