Being Late: Excusable or Disrespectful? Share your thoughts…

I happen to be among the most punctual people you’ll likely ever meet (yes, almost too punctual, I admit) and without a doubt, my biggest pet peeve in others is lateness or flakiness. It’s something I have had to deal with for years with various friends, ex-boyfriends, co-workers and family. It’s something that as I get older, only bothers me more and more, for a couple of reasons.

First, there are those people that are persistently late. They have been that way for most of their adult lives. They know it, and for some reason, they don’t do a thing to fix it. It’s not rocket science people. If you know you’re late everywhere you go, wake up 30 minutes earlier, or allow yourself 20 extra minutes to drive places.

Second, is it just that these people are completely clueless as to their punctuality problem, or do they just not care? This one gets me the most. If you make plans with someone, have a meeting, or some other pre-set obligation, why is it that you can’t be there on time? There are others that have gone out of their way to be there, on time, and it’s disrespectful to them that you waste their time.

Finally, typically, these types of people tend to constantly be flustered or stressed out with their lives, and it seems like fixing this problem would keep their stress levels lower. Not being in a rush on a regular basis would be a great starting point to decreasing stress levels (while also showing some respect to the other parties involved of course). In addition, it would start to allow your life to be more organized, or at least seeminly so.

Instead of continuing my little rant, I’d love to hear what others have to say. Am I being too hard on people or is persistent lateness really disrespectful? Why is is that there are people out there that refuse to, or can’t, fix this problem? What do you guys think??