Be Careful What You Wish For…

This is not a complaint, merely an observation: be careful what you wish for in your life and career because you just might get it. In excess… but it’s a good thing!

For years when I was stuck at an administrative, dead-end desk job, I longed to become a full-time writer. I complained to my friends that I didn’t need to use my brain to perform my job duties or tap into my creativity. The only outlets I had for writing were my journal and e-mails. Wah, wah, wah.

Today, all I do is write. I write for business (newsletters, e-mail blasts, e-mails, proposals, blogs, web content); pleasure (my journal, wedding and birth messages, letters, greeting cards, e-mails, random thoughts); and for friends (bios, grad school essays, resumes, cover letters). I am the go-to writer. And while I enjoy using my powers for good and am thrilled that I get paid to do something I love, it did require a certain amount of adjustment. I had to learn to write regardless of my mood, the time of day and whether or not I’m feeling particularly creative or inspired. I also had to learn to remind myself that the reason I’ve written a journal since I was 6-years-old is because it keeps me sane.

What I’m trying to say is that it’s important to not lose sight of your passion and goals, especially when times get tough or you become suddenly overwhelmed with meetings, interviews, travel, projects, clients, business proposals, homework, children, housework, dating, or whatever else it is you’ve decided to pursue in life. Look at the bigger picture, understand and accept your decisions, and remind yourself about why you’re doing this: What was unsatisfying about your life before? What made you go after it? What goal are you working toward? And if in fact you are needing change, always, always know that there are ways to regain control of your situation. It’s all up to you.