Ask Jen! Automotive Industry

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This week’s question is: There are many people who know everything there is to know about cars, car repair, servicing and detailing. What would it take for someone without formal training to open up their own shop?

Jen responds: I’m no automotive expert, but the fact is anyone could really open up an automotive shop IF they have a really knowledgeable partner or staff who are also extremely trustworthy. While it is possible though, it’s not advisable to open a business that you don’t have some real expertise and experience in.

It might be worth mentioning Donald Trump. Most of his business is in real estate, which he certainly is a master of. In recent years though, he’s gotten into all sorts of other businesses: golf courses, online education, ice cream, bottled water. Whether you agree with his brand extention choices or not, you KNOW he’s only getting into those new areas (and leveraging his name) because he has aligned himself with people who really do know what they’re doing and people he trusts.