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YSN member binderyman asks: I’m looking into buying a Subway franchise. Do you know anyone out their who owns or tried to purchase this franchise before? Just looking for some info.

Jen responds: I know a couple of great people over there at Subway and they’re all so wonderful! There’s certainly a good reason why they’re the biggest restaurant chain (next to McDonald’s, that is). We actually did a very cool video on Subway in fact a few years ago and there is still be a clip of my interview with Fred DeLuca, the founder on our previous site: Let us know what you think!

I know there are some pretty big multi-unit owners who are really young here in Southern Cal. I’ll see if I can get a hold of him and get you two in touch. In the mean time though, have you already contacted the company directly? Talked to a franchise development exec? Gotten their intro package? I’m pretty sure along the process of investigating and gathering information through them, they help get you in contact with other franchisees.

But of course, totally objective sources are always going to be the best, if you can find them. Also, don’t overlook simply walking into your local Subways and asking to talk to the owner. I’m sure they’d be happy to answer any questions you have…just don’t tell them that you’re looking to open down the block from them. 🙂 I’ll see what other great contacts I can find for you, but overall, good luck!