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YSN member jessica asks: I am interested in going to Africa and volunteering for an orphanage or AIDS clinic. So far what I have found is that its actually pretty expensive to do this and that without having a connection of some kind, the only way is through various programs or organizations that arrange the package for you. Does anyone have any alternative recommendations on how to do something like this for a few weeks? Does anyone know someone involved with anything like this that could provide more information? Thanks!

 Jen responds: Hi Jessica! Have you connected with katejongbloed on YSN? She’s actually working in an AIDS clinic in Ethiopia right now and is online quite a bit. In fact, she has a fantastic blog and she’s been posting about her experiences there. I’m sure you’d enjoy it! I’d also try reaching out to some of the members from Africa on I’m sure they’d have some good suggestions for you. There are also a lot of students from SIFE here who have traveled to Africa for various projects. I’ll post any that I come across for you. One other organization that would be good to hook up with is Millenium Promise. They’re doing amazing work in trying to erradicate extreme poverty from villages and townships all over Africa. Hope that helps! Let me know.