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Welcome to Ask Jen, a weekly Q&A with the “career doctor” herself Jennifer Kushell! Every Wednesday, Jen will answer one of your burning career questions so start sending them in!

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YSN member EVISInnovations asks: As a relatively young entrepreneur, 24, I am looking for networking groups that are specifically targeted towards young entrepreneurs. Does anybody know of any? Or is the best place to be?

Jen responds: Check out JCI (Junior Chamber International). They have an extraordinary network of young professionals and entrepreneurs and are very rooted in communities around the world, if you’re looking for face to face interaction, training, leadership programs, etc. If you’re still in school, SIFE is an amazing organization that will give you incredible connections as an entrepreneurs in the earlier stages. Let me know more about what you’re looking for ideally and I can probably be a lot more targeted.

We have a TON of experience here in young entrepreneur world of organizations, resources and educational programs and know this world as well as just about anyone. So, keep the questions coming and we’ll do all that we can to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Bottom line, there are a ton of programs out there to help you and 24 isn’t so young anymore. You can get into just about anything now! I can assure you that YSN will be an amazing epicenter though to these and any other questions or resources you need as you build and grow your business and career. You can take that as a personal promise. 🙂