Advance Your Career: Tips To Help You Stand Out In Your Profession

During the course of my career I was able to compile tips, techniques, and strategies which I feel can serve to advance one’s career and help you to stand out at work. I have to admit it was only through trial and error that I was able to put these things into practice. You make plenty of mistakes but you never give up you always want to try and move forward. It’s only through perseverance and determination that you are able to accomplish those things that seem impossible at times. Here are some attributes that have served me well in my pursuit of success.

Number 1. Know yourself – your strengths, abilities and limitations. Once you know your major characteristics you will be able to pin point the career path you should take and put all of your energy attention and passion into that endeavor. There is nothing worse that giving something your all while you are speeding along on the wrong career path, putting all your talent and ability to work doing things that you can never be the best at.

Number 2. Be a prudent risk taker – Think Big. To stand out at work and get ahead of the times calls for you to take risks. You should take risks only when they have been well thought out and planned. Never go hap hazard into any venture will out giving it some thought and developing a plan of action to get there. You also have to think big. When you develop a plan of action it should encompass the entire organization, or an entire department. It should never be just about you. Think big and try to develop win/win situations whenever possible. Think in terms of impacting the entire organization.

Number 3. Set Goals that Stretch You. You have to get out of your comfort zone. Establish some goals that are attainable with effort. When you have goals that stretch you chances are you’re excited, enthusiastic, passionate, and energetic in the pursuit of those goals. Goals that are easily attained don’t ignite any type of fire within.

Number 4. Keep your horizons and interest broad. Never limit your career perspective and outlook. There are always other possibilities and different roads to travel. Learn new things at every opportunity because you never know when your increased knowledge base is going to enable you to take on greater responsibility in the form of a promotion.

Number 5. Learn from failure and mistakes. It’s okay to fail and have set backs. Every person that has achieved any type of note worthy success will tell you that they have failed not only once but sometimes three or four times. Use your failures as learning experiences that catapult you forward to take on the next challenge. Make amendments and adjustments based on the lessons learned from past failures. Never let failures impede your progress.

Number 6. Remember the first person plural – think in terms of we. Share your best demonstrated practices with your co-workers, teammates, department, and the entire organization if possible. When you help another person meet their goals and objectives it in turn helps you achieve the career advancement you seek. Always look for ways to help others.

Number 7. Keep your sense of humor. Never get characterized as a person who can never have fun or is always serious. You can be perceived as unapproachable and this can limit your career advancement and keep you from getting ahead and standing out.

Number 8. Develop your interpersonal skills – communicate well. It is imperative that you enhance your ability to communicate. Look for ways to improve your presentation skills. If you are able to communicate with every level of employee within an organization, including upper management, this will do more to help you stand out.

Number 9. Work hard – very hard. Be the first one to work and the last one to leave. When you work on a project try to get it done efficiently and effectively. Make working hard a habit. Become known as the person who works harder and smarter than all others within your department.

Number 10. Be committed to the vision. Find ways expand on the company vision or mission. Be exceptionally committed to the cause.

Number 11. Share the responsibility and the credit. Look for ways to recognize your peers, and upper management. Be quick to praise others for their accomplishments.

Number 12. Keep your word. Develop a reputation for integrity and honesty. Do what you say you will do. Others will begin to trust you and look to you for answers and you will become known as a person with a good reputation.

Put these things into action consistently and you will begin to stand out at work in the sight of all involved.

To Your Great Success

Mel Richardson

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