Secrets of the Young & Successful Our New York Times Bestseller


Secrets of the Young & Successful: How to Get Everything You Want Without Waiting a Lifetime, our New York Times Bestseller, defines a new set of rules for succeeding in today’s dramatically changing marketplace. This book offers practical advice to figure out who you are and how to use your unique skills and interests to find success in the real world. With this remarkable tool, you’ll learn how to make career decisions not based upon what you think you should do, but based on what you want to do.

  • Make important connections that will lead to access and power
  • Position your offbeat skills and interests as irresistible talents and strengths
  • Gain critical insight on how to survive and thrive in any career
  • Weather life’s storms with safety nets that mitigate mistakes
  • Balance work and the rest of your life

Packed with profiles, anecdotes, and key ideas for strategizing, Secrets of the Young & Successful is an express ticket for anyone seeking an edge in getting ahead!

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