A Little Inspiration

A little over a year ago, I was at a hair appointment and talking about moving to LA with my hairdresser, Deborah. At that point, I hadn’t 100% decided to leave Texas and I was having major doubts and fears about making the move. All of a sudden Deborah puts down her scissors and walks to her office in the back of the salon without saying a word. After a few minutes of me sitting in the chair awkwardly, wondering what was going on, she came back and handed me some random postcard. I was looking at the picture, trying to figure out why it was so important when she impatiently reached over and flipped the postcard around. On the other side, there was a handwritten quote, “I listen to the wind, I listen to my heart, that’s how I live my life.”

I went into the hair salon a confused brunette, and I came out a confident “blonde” (I really just got highlights, but at the time it seemed a lot more drastic than it actually was) with a quote on a postcard to thank. I kept the postcard and I still have it today, pinned up on my bulletin board above my desk. In the past year, I have definitely seen a positive change in my decision making, listening to my wants/goals/aspirations, rather than trying to please others with my life choices… and I have never been happier.

I’m a huge quote lover, so maybe that’s why I love that postcard so much, but regardless… I think a little inspiration is necessary in everyone’s life, whether it’s a quote, a piece of art, a story on the news, or a song lyric. Sometimes all it takes is that one little thing to spark this amazing fire inside of you that you didn’t even know was there. So if you find a quote you like, write it down. Start an inspiration book and fill it with anything that inspires you (news clippings, quotes, photos, etc). Flip through it occasionally, and you never know… a quote you liked but didn’t love two years ago could inspire you to make a major life changing decision! Or even better, you could pass some inspiration onto a friend in need.