A Great Read To Expand Your Horizons…

Since I go stir crazy if I’m not maximizing my “free time” (if only I had more of it!!!) to do something productive, especially when I’m “wasting time” on a long line somewhere or waiting for a plane in far too many airports, I have developed the regular habit of ALWAYS having something with me to read.

When I co-authored Secrets of the Young & Successful® with Jennifer Kushell several years ago I included something about this topic in our book. As an update to what I wrote then, I must say that carrying around a magazine, book or article with me everywhere has continued to I provide me so much joy over the years. There are so many topics I’m interested in learning more about yet I never can find the time anymore to read about the extracurricular topics. So in the past 6 months or so I’ve given myself permission that during these random pockets of “wasted time” I would read about non-business topics (usually!). I’m loving it. If I’m in an airport I’ll pick up random magazines I’ve never seen or rarely read. Most recently I selected one of the Conde Nast travel mags and then discovered their new “Portfolio” magazine which I’d highly recommend. It’s sort of business-ish but covers so many cool topics including Art, Philanthropy, etc. In their Premier Issue they had this awesome article on the Ruler of Dubai, Sheik Mohammed, and the $1 Billion+ he’s spent on high end horse breeding/racing!!! I have always been fascinated by all these folks who are so into horse racing but never would have carved out time to learn about this topic unless I stumbled across a great article like this in a random magazine.

On the book front, my favorite new read that I’ve been carrying around and reading at random times is the new bestselling book on “Einstein: His Life and Universe” which so far is one of the best books I’ve ever read (not finished yet!). Unlike other books on Einstein, this one brings his vast global experiences during life, love, and his incredible intellectual discoveries. It’s also the first biography to tackle Einstein’s huge number of personal letters that until now have been sealed from the public. If you’ve ever wanted to truly learn about Einstein and wonders of advanced world-changing physics this is the book for you.

Okay, so this is a really long first post but I hope it inspires you to expand your horizons as you Waste Time Wisely!!! Let me know what you think of this Einstein book if you read it and if there are any random magazines that you find fascinating so I can pick a copy up next time I’m wasting time in an airport!