A Beginning to the Conversation on the Global Youth Unemployment Crisis


Last week we introduced our Global Opportunity Marketplace to the world. We call it GO for short.

But, we didn’t want to do a simple press conference or yet another cocktail party.

The team decided to instead gather a group of experts who are on the front lines fighting to help solve the crisis of global youth unemployment.

By discussing the issue openly from several different angles we knew that the audience would not only learn about the issue, but also why we created GO in the first place.

We knew not everyone could attend in person, so now you can watch an archive of the conversation.

On the panel was:

I also want to share a few tweets from attendees so that you could get a feel for some of what was discussed.

After watching the panel, learn more about GO and be sure to submit your opportunity or raise your hand as talent.

Together we are going to solve this global issue.