9 Mindsets Successful Entrepreneurs and Couchsurfers Share

Staff writer Zack Shultz takes a look at what young entrepreneurs and couchsurfers have in common.

While an accomplished entrepreneur may not have the same life goals as a veteran couchsurfer, it’s truly surprising how much the two have in common. Check out these 9 similar mindsets that successful entrepreneurs and couchsurfers share.

A never-give-up attitude

Whether you find yourself fighting an economic downturn and trying to stay relevant in the marketplace or stuck couchsurfing in a foreign country with no place to stay, remember to never give up! Nothing worth having in life is easy, and learning to thrive and grow from difficult situations is essential to your success.

Do what you believe in

There shouldn’t be any barriers to achieving everything you want in life. If you believe in something go out and get it! Hard work, motivation, and staying focused on your goals are all components necessary to achieve whatever you want in life.

Don’t take no for an answer

There will always be people out there who tell you that you can’t do something. It’s true that things rarely work out as you plan on the first try. Perseverance is the special sauce that all entrepreneurs and couchsurfers must have in order to reach their goals.

Be creative

Couchsurfing around London for the day and don’t want to carry your backpack around? Put it in a museum while you take in the sights, it’s free! Desperately need a shower during your travels, but don’t want to spend the money to rent a hotel room? Go to a fancy hotel and ask. Most will let you use the facilities free of charge. Need to touch up your makeup? Go to a pharmacy and ask to try out some of the products. Whether couchsurfing around the world or starting a business you need to find a way to get the most out of the little you have, so be creative.

Manage your time and be resourceful

Combine tasks and find a way to accomplish goals in your idle time. Why spend valuable money on hotels when you can sleep on a train as you travel to your next destination? As an entrepreneur or a veteran couchsurfer your money and your time are your most valuable assets. Make the most of them. Stay focused on executing your next goal, and once you meet it, move on.

Trust your gut

Planning is important, but too much planning can be a waste of time—especially if you fail to follow through. When facing a difficult decision, it’s important to take a certain degree of care, but sometimes due diligence does not always give us the right answer. Even after months of planning, there are going to be instances where obstacles arise that you haven’t accounted for. In such situations, you need to trust your gut. That’s not to say your intuition will always steer you in the right direction, but it can be a useful first step in making an important decision.

Take care of yourself

Don’t get ill! When traveling across the world getting sick can cost you a fortune. Get your shots, make sure your food is fully cooked, and don’t drink the local water. Similarly, as an entrepreneur you need to take care of your mind and your body. Personal health may seem like a no brainer, but remember that you are your business, and without you there is no business. In other words, a healthy you makes a healthy business.

Face your fears

You’re going to find yourself in uncomfortable and unfamiliar situations. Learn to make the best of them. Whether you are bunking up with a group of strangers as you travel across Europe or are pitching your business for the first time to a group of potential investors – remember that facing your fears and welcoming uncomfortable situations is necessary to achieve success in anything you do.

Ask questions and learn from others

Learning from your mistakes is vital to your success in every facet of life. If you can however, learn from the mistakes of others and avoid making them yourself. This will help you make more informed decisions, and save you time and money. People are usually more than happy to share their experiences so accept the fact you don’t know everything, adopt a modest mindset, and ask others for advice. At the very least you will probably make a new friend and connection.

So what’s the real lesson here? Maybe you have no desire to travel the world one couch at a time or to start a new venture, and that’s okay. By following the listed approaches you will not only grow as a person, but more importantly you will realize you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to. So the real question is—how much are you willing to sacrifice to do what you love?