8 Ways Losing Your Job is Like Losing Your Lover

Everyone always says that first dates are a lot like job interviews, so I have to wonder whether the opposite is also true.

Here are 8 ways losing your job is similar to a bad breakup:

  1. As with exes, in the long run, rarely does anyone look back and wish they still had their old job.
  2. Similarly, as with your next relationship, your subsequent job is often better than your last one.
  3. You’ve heard the saying “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince?” It also applies to building your career and finding your dream job. Most people have flipped burgers, folded clothes, served food or answered phones at one time or another.
  4. In both cases, it’s usually because one party didn’t live up to the other’s expectations.
  5. Relationships that don’t grow eventually die; So does job satisfaction if you are unable to advance at work.
  6. It’s just as easy to stay too long in a dead-end job as it is to stay in an unsatisfying relationship.
  7. You can’t force a company to hire/promote/retain you… and you can’t force someone to love you either.
  8. Ending a relationship or losing your job often gives the rest of your life a much-needed kick in the pants so you can focus on what you really want out of a job/relationship.