12 Websites to Help You Go Green!

Call it “Energy Efficient,” call it “Green,” call it want you want. The bottom line is, saving on your monthly energy costs should be something that appeals to everyone. The truth is that, in fact, it does not appeal to everyone. Why is this? In honor of Earth Day tomorrow, April 22, I thought I’d tackle this question.

The answer is that “Green” has become political, thus producing a divide between those who believe in “Green” and those who don’t. Those who do may or may not go to the extent of the Global Warming media frenzy, and those who do not, may not even believe in saving on energy or planting a tree. All based on political parties and agendas.

What it should be based on is as simple as the numbers on your monthly utility bills or the cost of gasoline at the pump. For each of us, the costs are high and not slowing any time soon. For this reason alone, “Green” may save us a little green each month and allow us to spend a little on other things such as enjoying life. The truth is, “Green” does not have to be political at all. If you care about clean water and air, are tired of rising energy costs, are afraid of what chemicals are being put into your foods, why not do something about it?

On my site Myrev.org, I compiled a list of sites that you can enjoy and possibly learn something from. While this list can get you started, there are many other resources on the internet to choose from!


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Chad A. Armel is the author of “Stepping Stones,” a collection of motivational and inspirational poems. Chad is also the founder/editor of myrev.org, a website dedicated to motivating visitors to make a change in their lives.