10 Ways to Make More Money! (Part 2 of 2)

Here’s the second half of our 2 part series on how to make more money.

6. Don’t Limit Yourself to “Job” Opportunities

There are many other ways to make a living or earn more money than by taking on a job…or should I say, another one.  Sure, the more stability the better, but what’s really stable these days anyway? Think about projects you can take on, a little weekend work, part time gigs. Teach classes, tutor, substitute, freelance, consult, coach, etc. It’s ok if it’s only a short-term strategy.  Try a new approach to work, or evaluate ways to augment what you’re already doing, rather than replacing something good because it’s just not paying enough.

7. Start a Side Business

Millions of people are classified as mini-preneurs or micro-preneurs because of the little business ventures they run, typically from home in their free time.  From house sitting to dog walking, selling people’s stuff on ebay, building web sites, or even network marketing.  You don’t need to incorporate a formal business, write a business plan or raise money to do a little entrepreneurial wheeling and dealing of your own.  Start small, with something you know or love and see how much you’re able to bring in.  Don’t be surprised if your little venture takes off either.  It can happen to you as it has to so many others.

8. Prime Yourself for a Promotion

Wishing and hoping and planning and praying for a promotion is not going to get you one.  Stepping up to the plate and ensuring that you’re the one who deserves it more than anyone else is will…if it’s even a possibility with your company.  (And if not, this might ensure you’re not one of the ones let go in another round of cutbacks.)  Even though your environment or workplace might be a place of uncertainty, tell yourself it’s time for you to shine, not slack.  Be indispensable.  Become irreplaceable.  Fine tune the package that is you to show those you work for that promoting you is a no-brainer.  (Our Fast Track program can show you how.)  Whatever happens in the end, you’ll become more valuable and command higher pay and perks.

9. Be Creative With How You Get Compensated.

Sometimes it’s easier for companies to pay certain expenses of yours than give you more cash.  For example: a gas card, gym membership, health benefits, cell phone service, or if you work for a real snazzy shop…maybe you can even get access to a corporate apartment. (But, don’t hold your breath!) Anything that cuts down on your expenses still results in more money in your pocket.  When you’re talking money, talk to employers or clients about creative options for compensation, otherwise known as “perks” in a good economy.

10. Make More by Saving More.

It goes without saying that the more expenses you can cut out, the more of what you bring in you keep.  This may not sound like making more money, but let’s not get too finicky.  The bottom line is the bottom line! If you don’t do this already, create an itemized list of your monthly expenses and compare it against your income.  There are some great programs like Mint.com or Quickbooks for business, and a handful of apps that make this a breeze.  Online banking can also do wonders for your awareness of what you’re actually spending.  From there, it’s up to you to take a sobering look at what’s really important and start cutting expenses.

Now that you know my best tips for making money, I want to hear about yours!  If you have any great ideas or strategies that you’d like to share, let’s keep this list going!  We all could use more ideas and inspiration.  Add your comments below, forward this article to friends or share your thoughts with us on Twitter or Facebook.  We’ll pool all the comments and post them at the end of the week with links to everyone who chimed in.  So, join the conversation!

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