10 Ways to Make More Money! (Part 1 of 2)

In kicking off a month of tips, strategies and hard core motivation to help people confront and conquer their biggest career challenges, it was really clear to us that one particular topic was on everyone’s mind:  MONEY!

Whether you’re an employee, entrepreneur, freelancer, in between, out of work, or ready to throw up your arms and opt out of the rat race all together (and yes, we certainly understand the feeling!), our goal is to fast track you to or back to success.  That’s what this whole campaign of ours is about – to give you a taste of all that’s in store in our Fast Track to Success Program.

But for now, let’s get down to the business of money.  We all need it.  We all want it.  The big question is how to get more, right?

1. Think Like an Economist, Act Like an Entrepreneur

To start us off, this is one of the best survival tips I’ve managed to come up with since the great economic crash.  I’ve shared this at big speaking gigs with thousands of corporate execs, small business owners and students alike, and am convinced that these words hold a key to success for us all during these uncertain times.  Look at the big picture.  See the markets and industries shifting, study them, try to discover where the new and next opportunities are emerging, and employ an entrepreneurial spirit in your hunt to discover ways you might best capitalize on these market changes.

2. Offer Intro Services, Mini-Packages, & Starter Sets

Figure out how you can offer a fraction of your usual products or services in smaller bites that enable customers to engage you for less.  Just as many restaurants are now offering “small plate” menu items as an alternative to the usual entrée portions, you may be able to do something similar.  For example, if you’re a therapist, offer a 3-hour crisis intervention session for people to try you out.  Or if you’re a web designer, develop mini start up packages to get sites up and running on a shoestring.  It may mean less money per transactions, but if you can increase the volume you do, your revenues could very well rise as a result of your creative new value proposition. Plus, you’ll be cultivating new clients who could grow to love you and become bigger fish over time.

3. Fill in the Gaps

Just because people aren’t spending as much doesn’t mean they’re not on the lookout for different, better, less expensive services and products to replace the ones they used to have.  Downscaling or up-scaling still means opportunity to provide services to people in transition.  Really think about people and businesses in transition. There’s a lot of opportunity to make money with people focused on getting from one point to another with as little pain and hassle as necessary.  Think about what people don’t have time to do themselves or don’t want to.  Do something about it and you may hear the sweet sound of “ka-ching” in not just your head, but your wallet!

4. Survey your Widest Possible Range of Options

If there’s ever been a time to start broadening your perspective on your own opportunities it’s right now. Sit down with a blank sheet of paper and start brainstorming a laundry list of things you can do to make money. And remember, brainstorming is just that – a flood of random ideas from your stream of consciousness. No editing yet! If you can avoid getting in your own way by limiting yourself during this exercise (by what you’ve been doing, your status, your history, your training, education) – you may just find a few options to bring in the bacon that you haven’t considered, but could be just the thing you need to bring in a little extra cash.

5. Start Multitasking

To make it in this economy, we all have to do more with less.  That includes working more with less time to spare.  It’s a harsh reality – not for all, but most.  Try to maintain whatever balance you can, take care of your health and your critical responsibilities and relationships, and start multitasking with work too.  Stretch yourself.  Don’t kill yourself, but make sure you’re maximizing your time and abilities.  That might mean lessening your focus and intensity on one thing and diversifying to take on a few responsibilities.

Here are some of my best tips for making more money, and come back tomorrow for tips 6 – 10. If you’re ready to supercharge your path to success be sure to check out our new Fast Track to Success program – and start making MORE money now!

Now tell us yours!

If you have any great ideas or strategies that you’d like to share, let’s keep this list going!  We all could use more ideas and inspiration.  Add your comments below, forward this article to friends or share your thoughts with us on Twitter or Facebook.  We’ll pool all the comments and post them at the end of the week with links to everyone who chimed in.  So, join the conversation!

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